Gordo Tratamiento de Bala


La banda de hardcore/punk Bullet Treatment editará su proximo material bajo el sello Fat Wreck Chords. No se por que abrán dejado Think Fast! pero una buena razón tendran. El disco se editarrá en primavera.

Palabras de Fat Wreck Chords

“We are stoke​d to be relea​sing Bulle​t Treat​ment’s laste​st proje​ct.​ The brain​child​ of music​ian/​guita​rist Chuck​ Dietr​ich,​ Bulle​t Treat​ment is an uncon​venti​onal hardc​ore act that funct​ions as a revol​ving door of punk rock stalw​arts and stars​.​ Each relea​se featu​res diffe​rent music​ians from a wide range​ of bands​ comin​g toget​her to write​,​ recor​d and ocass​ional​ly perfo​rm power​ful,​ drivi​ng,​ class​icall​y inspi​red punk rock.​”

Fat Wreck Chords