B9 se come tu alma.


Bridge9 acaba de firmar a Soul Control a su ya muy famoso roster. Esto fué lo que escribieron en la pagina de Brdige9.

Bridge Nine recently went through a rough breakup. And with the suggestion from our friends, we got out of the house again. But it was tough at first. We just didn’t want to get hurt again.

But, eventually we got lonely without a band from Rhode Island on the roster, so we up and signed Soul Control. Don’t worry. It’s not a rebound. We can’t be scared of commitment, even if everyone else in Rhode Island seems to be these days. We have to learn to love and trust again. Even if it’s with the roommate of our ex.

Soul Control garnered quite the reputation from bold statements made in Revolver Magazine such as being happy not releasing a full-length and just releasing EPs and touring for the remainder of the band’s career. Well, surprise surprise, Soul Control is releasing their debut full-length later this year. Hypocrites.

Formed in 2005, Soul Control has been a band on an EP and touring spree over the last year. Switching vocalists is a challenging situation for any band to endure, but Soul Control is one band that emerged from a change of frontman stronger and better than before. With a sound that started out as more straight forward mid-90’s influenced hardcore, the quartet has emerged with a noisier, looser influence from Amrep bands like early Helmet and Jesus Lizard while still staying rooted in their hardcore roots. As guitarist, and grandiose statement giver guy Jim Connolly stated, “We didn’t just want to write hardcore songs with this part here and that part there-we wanted to write great songs and we had a change and a chance to re-explore that. With Rory, it felt natural and the change in how we wrote happened quickly.”

Soul Control soon found itself up against some challenges. Excited to create new music with a new vocalist, SC recorded four new songs with Van Grol, but the band found itself with no label to commit to. Unfazed, Soul Control released four one-song EPs on four labels at the same time and hit the road. That road included a seven-week US tour as well as Central America. Connolly continued, “After being on Rivalry, we weren’t really sure what would come next. Kyle gave us a chance when no one else would, but we didn’t really know where to go from there. We had this idea and we weren’t sure how our idea would be perceived but all of the labels are on their second or third pressings so I think we can say it worked. And we got press coverage and attention we weren’t getting before and it enabled us to work with Bridge Nine, so it all came together.”

Soul Control will be on tour in April with 108 and at Chicago’s Burning Fight book release show with Disembodied, Unbroken and Outspoken HERE before entering the studio with production guru Jay Maas in May (for more than one day this time).

Provided they don’t break up by next May, they will be on tour all the time, anywhere and everywhere they can.

Via: TheB9