Revelation Records dio a conocer recientemente un documental no terminado de Judge. En la Página de Youtube de Joseph Pattisal se puede leer esta explicación:

“This is a rough cut of a short documentary that Porcell, Sam Siegler I were doing together. This is not final. The audio is NOT mixed and the graphics were never finalized. Unfortunately I had a hard drive crash and lost all the elements which stopped us from wrapping this project up and making it complete. This version is close to final and all I had left over. I hate showing incomplete work so please don’t JUDGE it too harshly (pun intended), I just want to show what it was going to be to anyone that may have heard about this and wondered why it never came out while also find a bit of closure in it for myself. Also it needs to be noted that this is owned by Revelation Records”

Aquí les dejo el video chequenlo a ver que les parece.