EP Gratis De Finch

PhotobucketFinch subió su EP homónimo editado en 2008 para que lo puedan descargar de forma gratuita desde su sitio. El disco What Is It To Burn? que editaron ya hace años me parece excelente, así que denle una oportunidad a la banda.

Esto fue lo que dijeron en su página: “That’s right, to celebrate the launch of the new finch website, we’re giving away the 2008 Self Titled Finch EP for FREE, GRATIS, GRATUIT, FREI, 自由, VRIJ and any other language you can think of. Not only that, you get the choice of four formats. Apple Lossless, for the apple geeks. WAV for the windows geeks. AAC for those with iPods, and also MP3, because I hear there are still 3 people that have other MP3 players, and maybe even one person that has a zune.

There’s also a little in there for those of you that already have the EP, so why not get it again?”

Ya sin tanta casaca bájense el disco.

Finch – Finch
Página Oficial Finch